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The book is intended for the intermediate students who have completed the fundamental subjects of Structural Design and Mechanics. This book is intended to be used as a reference book for civil engineering students. It is authored by ,  and the first edition was published in 1989. Later the second edition  of the book was published by CRC Press in 1997. References Category:Civil engineering Category:Mechanical engineering Category:1989 non-fiction books Category:Oxford University Press books Category:20th-century Indian booksQ: How to handle a money issue with long term potential in the context of a marriage? Background I am a middle aged man, who has known this woman for a while. We are currently not in a relationship or engagement, but we are moving towards that direction. The Problem She is a bit younger than me, but very good looking, smart, professional, and kind. We do get along very well, we don't have to talk a lot about anything. She is basically my best friend. She also has a younger brother. He is a very good kid, basically does what she wants him to do. Very responsible, kind, and mature. In many ways the opposite of his sister. They are a very close sibling, but just a bit different. He has been helping me out with some things I need and wants to help me out with my finances. I have told him that I do not want to share my financial information with him. He has told me that he is not looking to get into debt because of me and I am fine with that. However, she keeps inviting him to come over to her house, the money from the invites has been coming from the house. And she has been paying for everything with her account. Her father is a wealthy banker, his friends and family are wealthy businessmen, and a few are famous. He is trying to help me out, and I understand that, and I like the fact that he is being kind and helpful to me. However, it is concerning to me that she is not picking up the phone for months and it is the brother I am concerned about. He has been in this family for years, he is essentially one of the family. I do not want to show my current financial situation to anyone, but I want to see if we can move towards this eventually. We are working on a prenup, just to be safe.



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